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Create galleries of worlds to collaborate and learn.

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about SuperViz

SuperViz lets you create galleries of panorama photos, 360-degree photos, 360-degree videos and Google Street Views, then invite others to join you inside them. Tools like laser pointers, drawing, voice conferencing, audio and image hotspots make the content more engaging. These places can be explored together in window or VR mode on your smartphone.


Go to places together to collaborate and learn.


Easily create your own galleries of places.


Use voice conferencing, laser pointers, drawing tools, audio and image hotspots.


Use in window mode or immerse yourself in VR.


The features are designed around creating productive moments for learning and discussing location-specific topics.

How people are using SuperViz:

Share and explore together

Post your own public tours. Take your friends and family to places you visted. Plan new adventures.

Architecture, Construction, Design

Have onsite meetings remotely. Document and show the client how projects are progressing. Resolve problems remotely. Bring in a remote expert instantly.

Education and Training

Take students on an educational journey around the world. Train staff by teleporting them together with the instructor.


A Gallery is where you gather your content. You create a Gallery of Worlds. Worlds are 360-degree images, 360-degree videos, panorama photos or Google Street View locations.
Images need to be equirectangular. The best tradeoff between speed and quality is an image resolution of 3000 pixels by 1500 pixels, however you can upload larger image files if you require more resolution.
You can add Image and Audio Hotspots to Worlds. When you enter a Gallery and then enter a World, you can place the Hotspots wherever you like, you can open or close them, and you can scale the image Hotspots. A Hotspot will save the position and the state you left it in. For example, if you leave an audio hotspot playing when you leave the world it will automatically play when you enter again.
SuperViz accepts mp3 and wav files as Audio Hotspots. You can use free apps that record those formats on your phone, such as Voice Record Pro and AVR for iOS or RecForge and Easy Voice Recorder for Android.
SuperViz accepts jpg and png files as Image Hotspots. The best tradeoff between speed and quality is an image height between 500 and 1000 pixels.
If participants are in different locations you can use headphones with a microphone and activate the microphone icon to talk to each other. To avoid creating a noisy environment, we suggest that you mute your microphone while you are not talking.
You can draw and highlight inside a World by activating the drawing tool. In VR mode, point at the Drawing Tool icon to activate it and then start drawing after the timer circle completes. Draw with your gaze. To stop drawing, hold your gaze still until the timer circle completes again. In window mode, use your finger to draw directly onto the screen. You can also undo and delete drawings.
You can upload 360-degree videos as worlds. Keep in mind that 360 videos create large files and that the upload can take a while. You can upload videos up to 1GB in size. You may want to upload videos over a Wi-Fi connection to save your data plan and speed up the upload. The best formats are H264 .mov or .mp4.
SuperViz is designed to work with any headset made for your phone, from cardboards to Google's Daydream headset – which will give you better image quality. Even though your phone may not be Daydream controller compatible, the headset is still compatible with any phone.
SuperViz can import spherical images from any 360 camera. Simple and affordable options that work great are: Ricoh Theta, Insta360, Samsung Gear 360.
The way you export 360 spherical renders depends on what 3D software you are using. Here is a link to a page with more information on how to do this.
Need more help? Contact us at help@superviz.com.

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